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2001 National Junior Angus Show
Denver, CO

Rachel Postin, GA, was named top showman
at the 2001 National Junior Angus Show.

Top five showmen (pictured, l to r) are:
Rachel Postin, GA, first;
Robbie Smith, TN, second;
Sarah Fuller, ID, third;
Lana Myers, LA, fourth;
Lacey Robinson, MO, fifth.

Top 15 showmanship winners are Grady McCurry, KS; Joey Greenberg, CA; Carl Detwiler, PA; Robbie Smith, TN; Lacey Robinson, MO; Sarah Fuller, ID; Tony Frost, IL; Robbie Sand, FL; Lacey Robinson, MO; KC Keffer, IN; Amanda Penner, OK; Rachel Postin, GA; Christy Walther, VA; and Brian Howell, IN

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