Upcoming Junior Activities:

Field Day 2015 - June 12-13

Entry Form  Reminder Letter

Mail field day entries to Gisclair, 315 Keller Rd, Longville LA 70652

All junior members should have received the NJAA Green Books in the mail. Please notice the dates and deadlines for upcoming events. NJAS in Tulsa, OK on July 12-July 18, 2015 and LEAD will be in Seattle, Washington on August 6-9, 2015

Happy Showing Juniors! Looking forward to an exciting 2015!

"Dave & Becky Billingsley with their 2015 Yamaha Viking VI, won at the National Angus Convention and Trade Show in November 2014 in Kansas City, MO."

ATTENTION: High School Seniors
Please contact Patti Hymel for Scholarship Applications.

On the new stand........The 2014 Louisiana Angus Directory!

It could be our best Directory yet!

A special "Thank You" to all of our advertisers!

If you would like a Directory, please email Dale Schexnayder at sche278@bellsouth.net.

Thank you for your interest in the Louisiana Angus Association!


“Something’s Always Cookin’ with LJAA”

Cookbooks are now on sale! $10 each.

Contact Patti Hymel or Bridget Gisclair.

Cookbooks will also be on sale at all LA Angus events.


In November 1960, a group of Louisiana businessmen joined together with a common interest to form the Louisiana Angus Association. The purpose of this organization is to encourage and extend the influence of Angus cattle; to educate, promote and encourage the breeding and development of better and higher quality Angus cattle; and to promote the interest of membership by creating better trade and sale opportunities.

Louisiana Angus Association Officers and Board Members

Louisiana Angus Association Board
Pictured seated front row from left are Lee Robbins, President; Eddie Hymel, Secretary; and Dale Schexnayder, Treasurer. Directors standing back row from left are Dave Means, Kurt LeBeouf, Chuck Evans, Dave Billingsley, Drew Hall, Kevin Windham, Warren Bryan, Enyart Mitchell.  Not Pictured:  Jessica Fontenot, Vice President, Lana Myers, Chris Roussel

2014 LLA Officers

President: Lee Robbins

Vice President: Jessica Fontenot

Secretary: Eddie Hymel

Treasurer: Dale Schexnayder

Board Members Terms 2013-2016

Drew Hall
Dave Means
Warren Bryan
Greg Tate
Eddie Hymel

Board Members Terms 2014-2017

Dale Schexnayder
Lee Robbins
Chuck Evens
Enyart Mitchell
Lana Myers

Board Members Terms 2015-2018

Dave Billingsley
Jessica Fontenot
Kurt LeBeouf
Chris Roussel
Kevin Windham