LA Angus Association Annual Meeting

Friday, April 26, 2019 
6:30 PM   DeWitt Facility, Lecompte, LA

In November 1960, a group of Louisiana businessmen joined together with a common interest to form the Louisiana Angus Association. The purpose of this organization is to encourage and extend the influence of Angus cattle; to educate, promote and encourage the breeding and development of better and higher quality Angus cattle; and to promote the interest of membership by creating better trade and sale opportunities.

2019 LAA Officers & Board

Louisiana Angus Association Board
These men were elected to serve on the Louisiana Angus Association board of directors and are pictured at the 2019 Louisiana Angus Association Annual Meeting & Banquet, April 26, 2019 in LeCompte, LA. Pictured seated front row left to right are: Eddie Hymel, Secretary; Kurt LeBeouf, President; Lee Robbins, Vice President; Dale Schexnayder, Treasurer. Directors standing back row from left are: Dave Billingsley, Warren Bryan, Enyart Mitchell, Kevin Windham, Dave Means, Philip Shoemaker, Lana Myers, Bob Burford, Ron Springer, Drew Hall.

Kurt LeBeouf, President 337.375.7537

Lee Robbins, Vice President 318.623.8762

Eddie Hymel, Secretary 225.413.7045

Dale Schexnayder, Treasurer 225.223.9242

Board Members — Term 2017-2020

Dale Schexnayder
Chuck Evans
Lee Robbins
Lana Myers
Bob Burford

Board Members — Term 2018-2021

Dave Billingsley
Ron Springer
Philip Shoemaker
Kurt LeBeouf
Kevin Windham

Board Members — Term 2019-2022

Eddie Hymel
Drew Hall
Dave Means
Warren Bryan
Enyart Mitchell