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Welcome to 'Dealing With Drought'

On any given day, drought is a problem for cattle producers somewhere in cattle country. Lack of rain and little subsoil moisture create management headaches in terms of water shortages, grass/hay shortages, marketing dilemmas, prices and availability of stored feeds, long-term pasture management and culling decisions. With this in mind, and as a service to our breeders we developed this website as a comprehensive, one-stop resource available 24/7/365 to provide management tips and helpful resources to deal with drought.

Please browse through the pages of the site.

  • Articles — This page contains links to articles published in the Angus Journal, the Angus Beef Bulletin, the Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA and other published media.
  • News Releases — This page compiles news releases from university sources and allied industry that provide information about current conditions and management advice for dealing with drought.
  • Links — The Links page provides easy access to resources available online, such as university fact sheets, etc. We've sorted the material into sections of cattle, feeding, management and water.
  • Hay Finder — Find resources for purchasing or selling hay.
  • Conditions Now — Access a variety of internet sites and resources for obtaining weather reports, soil conditions and forecasts.
  • Contact Us — As with all our sites, we want your comments and feedback. Let us know what you think. Suggest other sites or news releases for us to add to this resource. If there are ways we can organize the information to make it easier to access, let us know.

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