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November 2014

Grassroots Determination

From commercial roots, American Angus Association President Gordon Stucky built a seedstock herd and a reputation for cattle that perform on the range and on the rail.  

It Starts With a Gift

With great delight, Milford Jenkins shares 10-plus years with the Angus Foundation. 

It Pays to Have a Plan
Tips to develop a farm or ranch business plan.

Analyze & Act
South Dakota cattleman shares 10 management tactics that have helped ranch profitability.

A Portrait For the Future

South Dakota family takes steps to ensure ranch is sustainable for generations. 

Learn to Love Volatility

With the proper mind-set, one risk-management expert suggests businesses can become “antifragile.”

So, You Want Your Farm to Continue?

Experts say it’s never too soon to start planning for tomorrow. 

Common Ground

There is similarity in succession and grazing-management plans. 

Contingency Plans: Who Needs 'Em?

Learn to identify and correct tendencies impeding succession-plan progress.

Transition Tips

Are you putting your farm or ranch at risk by not developing a transition plan?

Ranchers’ Resolve

After a devastating flood, this young North Dakota Angus couple is determined to rebuild.

The Big Picture

QB helps complete pass from ranch to consumer target.

Reading a PRC

Performance Registration Certificate documents ownership and genetic merit of animals registered through the American Angus Association.

Making the Switch

Angus breeders gain efficiency by switching from paper to electronic certificates.  

Keep Better Track of Cows

MaternalPlus® can help improve herd and breed. 

GrassSnap App for Grassland Monitoring

App makes taking and organizing photo-plots simpler. 

Spreading Genetic Wealth

Artificial insemination is one of the keys to rapid genetic improvement. 

Increase Pregnancy Rate

Steps to get more cows and heifers pregnant.  

Big Goals Require Big Plans

South Dakota couple brings consumer focus back to the ranch.

Seeking Top Dollar

New program seeks to identify superior cattle before they leave the ranch, helping producers capture additional value. 

Tell How and Why Beef is Better

Beef industry needs to do better job of tooting its own horn, says meat scientist. 

Feed Analysis Keeps Profit on Track

Goal: Every mouthful of feed created equal, no mouthful left behind. 

On the Plains: Trains and $2 Corn

Railroads as oil pipeline spell trouble for grain pipelines, distant feedlots.

From ‘Happy Accidents’ to Intentional Beef Quality

Higher-producing cattle require a more specialized approach to feeding. 

Finding Good Help

Finding and keeping good help doesn’t have to be impossible.

Finding, Hiring, Keeping High-Caliber

There is always work to be done, so hire the right person for the job.

Retaining Good Help

Ninety percent of new employees decide whether to stay in the first six months on the job. 

Reducing the Stink

ARS scientists seeking better information for improved beef manure management.

Tell Your Story, and Tell it Often

Advice from Trent Loos

Focus on the Cow Herd

BIF focused on how novel traits affect the cow herd. 

A Genomic Era
USMARC celebrates its 50th anniversary and explains its role in the Beef Improvement Federation.  

Selection Decision Tools

Selection tools are advancing. Researchers share insight on economically relevant traits, developmental programming and epigenetics.  

Feedlot Focus
Researchers speak on feedlot issues such as heritability of disease resistance, feed efficiency and methane.

IFAJ World Congress: Scotland

The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists World Congress showed the ‘Innovations From a Small Island’ to 212 journalists from 37 countries. 

Unparalleled Times

Economist Jim Robb says markets will remain strong, at least for a while.