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February 2017

Angus Foundation Raises $36,000 in Las Vegas
Five exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experiences auctioned as part of the Angus Finals Sale hosted by the Angus Hall of Fame and Angus Live.

Nurturing the Angus Industry’s Future Leaders
Whitestone Farm educates youth to have a positive impact on the Angus, beef and agriculture industries in the future.

Game-changing Genetic Potential
Genomics guru gives glimpse at what’s possible with gene editing.

Angus Membership 101
Director of Member Services Jerry Cassady shares programs and services
available to members of the American Angus Association.

DNA Questions Answered
AGI President Dan Moser answers the most common questions about
genomic testing during member workshop.

Genomics, Parentage Verification Explained
Workshop details how members can take advantage of DNA profiling and parent verification technologies.

Angus Staff Highlight Online Herd Information Tools
Members have access to a variety of recordkeeping tools, including AAA Login, AIMS and Angus Mobile.

Posting with Angus Media
Angus Media’s Andy Blumer offered cattlemen tips for web design and
hosting during the trade show at the 2016 Angus Convention.

Building Relationships
Workshop offers members a chance to get to know the Angus Foundation.

Bending Curves, Breaking Stereotypes
Live-animal session shows genomic application.

A Benefit to All Involved
Live-animal session explains advantages of testing to know more earlier.

Cultivating A Better Business Culture
This company renamed their CEO the CCO — chief culture officer. Should your business do the same?

‘Stable’ Markets
CattleFax analyst encourages producers during Angus University outlook session.

Consider All Aspects
Angus University presenter Kevin Hill talks adding value with management.

Capturing Value for Customers
Seedstock panel addresses ways to capture the value of good genetics.

Loud and Clear
Beef market demands quality.

Veterinary Feed Directive and Beyond
Veterinarian says producers need to listen and prepare for new rules.

Evaluating Potential for Angus in Foreign Markets
International livestock marketing specialist shares insights
for selling Angus genetics abroad.

Tips to Maximize Conception
Select Sires’ Jon Herrick shares tips for handling semen to get best AI results.

Should You Raise or Buy Heifers?
Iowa State University duo presents options for replacement females.

Maximize Female Potential
Assisted reproductive technologies are improving pregnancy rates and increasing the genetic contribution of top females.

Smaller Isn’t Always Better
Dan Shike discusses calf size, gestation optimums in Angus University Workshop.

Keep It In the Family
Angus University panel discusses ranch transition.

Start the Transition Conversation
Family business consultant shares tips for generation transfer in Angus University Workshop.

Legal Liability Issues for Farms and Ranches
Ag law expert shares three areas of particular concern for farm, ranch liability.

Tips for Talking to Your Banker
Have a plan and financial records when you request credit for your operation.

Should You Invest in Land or Buildings?
Purdue animal scientist shares considerations for producers considering semi-confinement production.

Angus From Scratch
South Dakota breeder says dream big, but have a plan.

Grilling Tips, Samples Highlight Booth Activities
CAB® Chef Peter Rosenburg shares grilling tips with Angus Convention Trade Show visitors.

Roasting 101: Something for Everyone
CAB Chef Ashley Breneman shares tips for cooking the perfect roast with trade show attendees.

Beef Blitz Scores a Hit for Relationships
Angus producers get a firsthand glimpse of how their brand is distributed and the story that accompanies the product.

Improving Grazing Distribution
Strategies offered to encourage sustainable grazing.

11 Months of Grazing
Western Nebraska operation achieves nearly year-round grazing with annual forages.

Grazing Cover Crops
Find the right “cocktail” for the animals, soil and overall farming operation.

Fire Prevention for the Arid West
Control cheat grass on dryland pastures and rangeland.

A New Formula
Figuring pasture rent as a share of the calf.

Optimizing Stocking Rates
Profits in stocker production can be as green as winter pastures when conditions are right and producers apply correct stocking strategies, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Research expert.

Manage Those Microbes
Direct-fed microbials, also called probiotics, offer a natural way to boost cattle health and productivity.

Guard Against Embryo Loss
Nutritional management affects embryo development, pregnancy.

Heifer Development Systems
Development of replacement heifers should prepare them for life as cows.

Target Weight Considerations
Whether you choose 55% or 65% of mature weight as a breeding-weight target should depend on cows, resources and management.

The Top End, Naturally
Colorado producer turns to low-stress, high-quality Angus.

Making the World Smaller
CAB® brand takes international partners from pasture to plate.

Not Your Typical Pennsylvania Farm
Darwin and Bernard Nissley’s 800-head feedlot thrives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Bridging Work Through Brotherhood
The Sparrow family centers around improving its cattle herd and working as a family.

Fortified Around Family
Operations at BoPat Farms and McWherter Volunteer Farms are positioned around a commitment to family and cattle.

Equitable and Fair Marketer and Packer Rules
Beef industry monitors GIPSA rules debate.

What Drives Success?
Focus on being a lifelong learner and success will likely follow.

Family Business Fundamentals
Planning and communication remain key for family businesses to weather industry storms.

Financial Focus — Part 2: Critical Crossroads
2017 could mark big changes in land values and a continued sluggish economy, according to economist.

Big Ideas for Ag’s Future
Self-propelled fencing unit and encapsulated seed balls being explored.

A New Showring Perspective
With a fighting spirit, dedication and determination, one Pennsylvania girl pursues her passion.