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October 2014

Opening Eyes, Opening Doors

Leaders Engaged in Angus Development unites juniors from across the country. 

The Common Touch
Dan Moser takes the reins of Angus Genetics Inc. 

Forward Motion
The spotlight turns to the man behind Angus media and plans to move Angus Productions Inc. into a new era.

Achieving Excellence in Publication
Angus media recognized by LPC, AAEA for excellence in communications.

Calling All Cattlemen to Kansas City
The first-ever Angus Means Business National Convention & Trade Show
appeals to everyone involved in producing quality beef.

Eleven Announce Candidacies

Eleven members have announced they will seek a spot on the American Angus Association Board of Directors this November.

Delegates Selected

A form to nominate delegates to the American Angus Association’s 131st Convention of Delegates was mailed to everyone listed on April 1, 2014, as an active life or regular member of the Association. 

Easy Does It

Cow-calf environment, management and care support quality beef. 

Understanding Animal Welfare
The age-old question of “How should we treat animals?” still remains.

Hands-on Beef Cattle Welfare

ISBCW offers hands-on workshop to start symposium.

Feet, Legs and Welfare

Speakers share how lameness affects welfare and, thus, performance.

Practical Welfare
Speakers offer management changes to improve the welfare of beef cattle.

Farm-to-Fork Perceptions
Perceptions of animal welfare vary between production sectors; speakers urge to reconcile. …

Economics of Care
Economist explains supply and demand aspects of animal welfare, including pain management.

Healthy and Happy
Reseachers look into improving health through welfare management. 

Emerging Research

Research shared on technologies, cow-calf assessments, transportation, and balking behavior. 

Fly on the Wall
Alliance releases reports from 2014 animal rights conferences, where speakers highlight ‘successes’ but note infighting among animal rights groups.

Dream in Motion
Kansas seedstock ranch makes its mark through hard work, quiet leadership.

Risk and Reward
One rancher’s tale of sacrifice, passion and perseverance. 

Angus Ever After
Nebraska feeders earn CAB honors for their commitment to high quality.

A Decade of Increasing Focus
Nebraska, Missouri partners “three-peat” with highest CAB® acceptance. 

Volunteering to Learn
South Dakota cattleman earns CAB Progressive Partner Award.

Marbling Matters as Weaning Time Approaches
Research shows weaning time has high impact on marbling.

Risky Business
Forum participants find ways around obstacles, in both the short and long term. 

High Quality on the High Seas
Norwegian Cruise Line includes CAB® when planning meals for 4,000 at sea for a week.

The Crossroads of Beef Sustainability
Cattle producers take it for granted, because it’s their livelihood and their legacy. Meanwhile, the rest of society is scratching their heads, asking: ‘Just how sustainable is beef production?’

Young Consumers
Ag literacy can start with the next generation of beef buyers.

Fostering ‘Animal Connections'
Mobile exhibit showcases important role of animals — and veterinarians — in our world.

Through the Eyes of a Child
More than 800 third-grade students attend an annual Farm Day hosted by the Southeast Missouri Cattlemen’s Association.

Evaluating the Nutrient Profile of Beef
It is possible to genetically change the nutrient profile of beef. The question is: Should we? 

Big Skies, Big Heart
Texas cattleman gives the gift of quality beef. 

Foodservice Marketer’s Viewpoint
With more than 30 years of experience in all phases of the meat business, Steve Sands shares perspective on the industry — and what prompted his company to establish its own beef brand.

Spring Cattle Drive in Idaho
From the desert to the forest, family and friends trail cattle the whole way.

Common Goal
Three herds share common goal of building and maintaining a reputable
seedstock operation by satisfying customer niche. 

Icing on the Cake
Proven Angus genetics saved this Kansas herd.

Family Genetics, Customer Satifaction
This family uses the talents within its own gene pool to produce the best Angus cattle it can to help customers put premium beef on the table.

Finding the Best
Inspired by ultrasound, these Kansans distill the essence of greatness.

Bale Grazing: A Treatment for ‘Barnyard Blues’
Graze cattle and fertilize pastures all winter long.

Making ‘Badlands’ Better
Building soil organic matter is why this North Dakota producer likes bale grazing in the winter. 

Measure Up Winter Cow Feed Options
Corn-crop residue is still a cost-effective alternative.

Put Up Quality Silage
Researcher and cattlemen give tips to improve silage quality.

Turn Your Irrigating System into a Fencing System
Pivot fence allocates a specific amount of fall/winter forage with minimal labor required.

Off-Stream and Uphill
Use these simple ways to get better utilization out of pastures. 

Blizzard Lessons
One year later, South Dakota ranchers continue working to rebound from Atlas blizzard.

Cattle Producers Discuss Policy Priorities
NCBA members addressed policy priorities at the 2014 Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Denver, passing new resolutions and directives for the 2014 Policy Agenda.

Positive Market Outlook

‘Perfect storm’ points to rosy picture for cattle industry, according to CattleFax analyst.

Cattle Operations Honored for Stewardship Efforts
Seven cattle operations were recognized July 31 as regional winners of the 2014 regional Environmental Stewardship Award Program (ESAP).  

Checkoff Return on Investment
ROI study shows $11.20 return on checkoff dollar.

Strong Early Results for Digital Campaign
Millennials initiate more than 5 million online food-related searches each day.

Agricultural Evolution
Technology continues to advance, alter the industry.

Continuing Education
YCC participants share their view on why participating in and hosting such events are important to the individual and to the industry.

Will the Bubble Burst?
University economist-turned-farmer shares his view of the future for land prices and other hot topics.

Big Sky Legacy
The Angus Journal visits the people and places trusted with some of eastern Montana’s finest scenery and Angus genetics.

Busting Myths About Ticks
K-State veterinarian and expert on ticks shares common myths about
the pests and provides advice for protecting yourself and your pets.

Occupational Hazard

Check and protect your skin from the sun.