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48th Annual Bull Sale

Saturday • March 8, 2014 • 1 p.m. MST
Ogallala Livestock, Ogallala, NE

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Our program combines:

  • Superior growth
  • Calving Ease
  • Carcass Genetics
  • Moderate mature size


A powerful 3 year old Objective daughter.

A bull that shows our emphasis on Superior Growth.

Her moderate mature size matches our feed resources.

Outstanding carcass traits are bred into our cattle.

Calving-ease is of prime importance to Snyder Bros.

Lone cowboy riding a horse.

Cows out to pasture

Bruce and Ken talking.

After decades in the registered Angus business, we at Snyder Bros. are announcing the sale of our Registered Angus Cow Herd to Jason Koberstein. This will mark our retirement from the Registered Angus Business. We are extremely pleased to have sold the herd to Jason who we see as a very intelligent, forward looking and honorable young breeder. We think Jason will be a mover and a leader in the Angus Breed for many years. Jason's goals as a breeder are the same as ours, to breed cattle that have Superior Growth, Calving Ease, Carcass Genetics and Moderate Mature Size, to provide great service to his customers and to do it all with integrity.

There is no doubt that the genetics we have worked a lifetime to construct, are now in great hands. Jason is a hard worker that is committed to making his program one of the most progressive in the country. The Kobersteins have been great customers over the years buying some of our top sires and several sets of heifers and cows. He now owns the Snyder Bros. Cow Herd, the 2014 Snyder Bros. Calf Crop and the Snyder Bros. Bred Heifers. We are confident that our customers can rely on Jason just as they have on Snyder Bros. in the past.

The Kobersteins will have their Annual Bull Sale on our old date March 14, 2015, the second Saturday in March and at Ogallala Livestock in Ogallala, Nebraska as always. The bulls offered this year will be the same bulls that Snyder Bros. would have supplied to you, but will be offered by the new owner, Jason Koberstein.

We are extremely pleased that our Cow Herd has found a good home. We know that Jason will continue to make our good genetics even better. It is a matter of great importance to us that our customers and friends can continue to do business with Jason in the future with the same confidence they had in Snyder Bros. in the past.


Bruce, Don and Ken

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