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Indiana Junior Angus Preview Show
June 14 • Lebanon • No. entries: 143 • Judge: Jim Bloomberg, Berwick, Ill.


Supreme champion and grand champion owned female, WhispPines Lucy 7022, by Garrett Knebel, Winamac. She’s an April 2007 daughter of SAV 8180 Traveler 004.


Grand champion bred-and-owned female, SK Patton Forever Lady 655, by Kade Patton, Frankfort. She’s a Nov. 2006 daughter of QLC LaGrand Forum.

Grand champion cow-calf pair, LAHSCC Empress 516, by Garrett Knebel, Winamac. She’s an April 2005 daughter of Famous 7001. Her calf is an April 2008 daughter of Dawson’s Cherokee 166.

Grand champion bred-and-owned bull, JCC Morning Wood 702, by Joseph Claeys, Chalmers. He’s a June 2007 son of Grandview Womack Security.

Grand champion steer, Covell’s General, by Kade Patton, Frankfort. He’s an April 2007 son of BEB Juneau 104.


Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned female, KNC Cabin Creek Sandy 702, by Kylee Carr, Elwood. She’s a Feb. 2007 daughter of KF Precision 361.

Reserve grand champion owned female, HP Royal Pride 67, by Kylee Carr, Elwood. She’s a Jan. 2007 daughter of SAV 8180 Traveler 004.

Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned bull, SK Patton Game On 726, by Kade Patton, Frankfort. He’s a Sept. 2007 son of Connealy Timeline.

Reserve grand champion steer, LC CLA SureTop HC 746, by Chelsea & Haley Fulk, Lowell. He’s an April 2007 son of Schurrtop MC 2500.

FEMALES, bred-and-owned

Senior calf champion, Patton LC CLA Travett 770, by Kade Patton, Frankfort.

Reserve senior calf champion, JAF Everelda Entense 710, by William Jackson, Hope.

Intermediate champion, Fout’s Farm Li’l Sis, by Evan Fout, Charlottesville.

Reserve intermediate champion, Covell Patton Georgina 0729, by Kade Patton, Frankfort.

Reserve junior champion, Prosperity Maid 607, by Benjamin Miller, Gaston.

Reserve senior champion, Expresso, by Grant Gough, Ridgeville.

FEMALES, owned

Senior calf champion, MJM Erica 156, by Madison Butler, Vincennes.

Intermediate champion, WAF Mabel 792, by Kade Patton, Frankfort.

Reserve late junior champion, Kass Cherry’s Legacy T33, by Jake Cunningham, Sheridan.

Reserve early junior champion, BV Blackbird 7003, by Caleb Smith, Whitestown.
Reserve senior champion, DMF Lass 619, by Julia Smith, Knightstown.

BULLS, bred-and-owned

Reserve calf champion, FF Intrigue 725, by Jayme Sherfield, Spencer.

Reserve junior champion, CB Headline T65, by Carol Jeffries, Rockville.


Winning junior showmanship are (from left) Alexis Carmony, Falmouth, first; Kade Patton, Frankfort, second; and Ryen Kerr, Bloomington, third.

Winning intermediate showmanship are (from left) Jacob Fair, Greenfield, first; Robbie Dragani, Plymouth, second; and Lauren Jernas, Knox, third.

Wining senior showmanship are (from left) Katelyn Wilson, Orleans, first; Chase Cunningham, Lebanon, second; and Julia Smith, Knightstown, third.

Chosen to represent Indiana at the 2008 National Junior Angus Showmanship Contest are (from left) Kylee Carr, Elwood, delegate; Garrett Knebel, Winamac, delegate; Joseph Claeys, Chalmers, first alternate; and Brian Jeffries, Rockville, second alternate.

  DIVISION WINNERS, not pictured
FEMALES, owned

Reserve senior calf champion, Rainbow Regal Lady, by Joseph Claeys, Chalmers.

Reserve intermediate champion, Schelske’s Miss Lesley 711, by Jake Cunningham, Sheridan.

Senior champion, Covell’s Cheyenne 0634, by Kade Patton, Frankfort.

  DIVISION WINNERS, not pictured
BULLS, bred-and-owned

Reserve intermediate champion, RLL Forum 52T, by Jacob Retherford, Lafayette.

Junior champion, KJBS Leroy 1T, by Kyle Jacobs, Shirley.

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