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Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) Junior Angus Show
Oct. 19 • Billings, Mont. • No. entries: 77 • Judge: Quintin Smith, Lebanon, Tenn.


Grand champion bred-and-owned female, CLB ICC Juneau, by Cortney Bromenshenk, Billings, Mont. She’s a Jan. 2006 daughter of BEB Juneau 104.

Grand champion female, Bear Mtn. Blackcap 7052, by Lindsey Zabel, Kuna, Idaho. She’s a Jan. 2007 daughter of Bear Mtn. Owyhee 5012.

Grand champion bred-and-owned bull, OCC Traditional 703, by Kyla Olson, Saint Ignatius, Mont. He’s a Jan. 2007 son of Sitz Tradition RLS 8702.


Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned female, TDP Blackbird 7007, by Ashley Berkram, Park City, Mont. She’s a Feb. 2007 daughter of BT Equator 395M.

Reserve grand champion female, Vermilion Blackcap 6246, by Emily Kading, Billings, Mont. She’s a March 2006 daughter of Vermilion Focus K915.

Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned bull, Alpine Bushwacker 748, by Beth Hooker, Roscoe, Mont. He’s a March 2007 son of BCC Bushwacker 41-93.


Top showman are (from left) Kyla Olson, Saint Ignatius, Mont., junior champion; Beth Hooker, Roscoe, Mont., senior champion; and Isaac Hunter, Lolo, Mont., Montana champion.

Lindsey Zabel (left), Kuna, Idaho, receives the Jamie R. Stevenson Memorial Youth Award. Also pictured are  Quintin Smith, judge; and Keith Stevenson, presenting the award.

  DIVISION WINNERS, not pictured
FEMALES, owned

Reserve junior calf champion, Ayres CherryBomb Ericara 237, by Robert Myers, Yamhill, Ore.

Senior calf champion, Spring Cove J/M Hanna 6541, by David Wiseman, Filer, Idaho.

Reserve senior calf champion, TLC BJ’s Amazing Grace 1216, by David Wiseman, Filer, Idaho.

Intermediate champion, Vermilion Lass 6844, by Mick Mosher, Shepherd, Mont.

Reserve intermediate champion, Vermilion Lass 6752, by Mick Mosher, Shepherd, Mont.

Reserve junior champion, S&R MS US Premium 609, by Isaac Hunter, Lolo, Mont.

Senior champion, REM Erica’s Upgrade 1745, by Robert Myers, Yamhill, Ore.

Reserve senior champion, WRAF Primrose Annie 531, by Allison Dubs, Billings, Mont.

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