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Missouri State Fair 4-H Angus Show
Aug. 9 • Sedalia • No. entries: 110 • Judge: Timothy Loudon, Creston, Iowa.  


Grand champion female, Patton Lady Agnes 625, by Collin Barker, Kearney. She’s a Jan. 2006 daughter of Ayres Pascalar Easy Upgrade.


Grand champion cow-calf pair, Clearwater Eriskay J 254, by Jera Pipkin, Republic. She’s a Jan. 2004 daughter of GAR Expectation 4915. Her calf is a March 2007 son of Schurrtop MC 2500.

Grand champion bull, WCC Upgrade 679, by Samuel Wallace, Stotts City. He’s a Sept. 2006 son of KCF Bennett Total.


Reserve grand champion female, WCC Primrose 586, by Samuel Wallace, Stotts City. She’s a Sept. 2005 daughter of WCC Precision E161 J239.


Reserve grand champion cow-calf pair, SR Envious Blackbird 50, by Austin Thummel, Sheridan. She’s a Jan. 2005 daughter of TC Freedom 104. Her calf is a Jan. 2007 daughter of SAV 8180 Traveler 004.

Reserve grand champion bull, MLA Forever Mickey 6011, by Carter Ward, Plattsburg. He’s a Sept. 2006 son of GAR Integrity.


Calf champion, TAR Izzy’s Ivy 10A7, by Cole Atkinson, Republic.


Reserve calf champion, WCC Lass 685, by Samuel Wallace, Stotts City.

Intermediate champion, Moffitt Heiress Beauty M656, by Kayla Medwick, Cuba.


Reserve intermediate champion, AF Lucy’s Attie 602, by Erica Atkinson, Republic.

Reserve junior champion, SR Lass 657, by Sydney Thummel, Sheridan.


Reserve senior champion, Clearwater Eriskay J 1425, by Jera Pipkin, Republic.


Intermediate champion, AMS Integrity 390, by Cody Jones, Fulton.


Junior champion, CT Forever Traveler 6218, by Clint Thilking, Napoleon.

Reserve junior champion, JAF Traveler Teddy Bear P100, by Makenlea Jones, Fulton.


Erica Atkinson (left), Republic, and Gregory Connell, Eugene, were named champion 4-H showmen.

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