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Missouri Angus Ass'n Preview Show
June 10 • Sedalia • No. entries: 140 • Judge: Luke Lemenager, Hudson, Ill.


Grand champion bull, LaGrand EXT 5568, by Hope Herd, Miller. He's a March 2005 son of N-Bar Emulation EXT.


Grand champion female, Mohnen Jilt 1456, by Cameron Ward, Plattsburg. She's a Jan. 2006 daughter of Baldridge Kaboom K243 KCF.

Grand champion cow-calf pair, Gooden's Holly 41, by Madison Gooden, Crocker. She's a Dec. 2004 daughter of Connealy Lead On. Her calf is a March 2007 son of Twin Eagles No Fault M904.


Grand champion jackpot female and reserve grand champion female, SCC Lucy 6217, by Caleb Sayre, Creighton. She's a Jan. 2006 daughter of TC Total 410.

Grand champion jackpot steer, Briarwood Boy 6070, by Reba Colin, Butler. He's a March 2006 son of Briarwood Boy 6070.


Reserve grand champion bull, Rocky 426 413 J&G 612, by Jones & Gilliam, Gainesville. He's a Sept. 2006 son of Connealy Foundation 426.


Reserve grand champion cow-calf pair, SR Envious Blackbird 50, by Austin Thummel, Sheridan. She's a Jan. 2005 daughter of TC Freedom 104. Her calf is a Jan. 2007 daughter of SAV 8180 Traveler 004.

Reserve grand champion jackpot female, WRR Lady Focus 618, by Brett Naylor, Buffalo. She's a March 2006 daughter of Mytty In Focus.


Reserve grand champion jackpot steer, BR New Design 6G62 of GAR, by Kerbee Tyler, Nevada. He's an April 2006 son of BR New Design 4GB of GAR.


Junior calf champion, Gooden No Fault 73, by Madison Gooden, Crocker.


Reserve senior calf champion, Checkerhill Armani S15, by Clayton Smith, West Plains.

Intermediate champion, Hunter's Magic Man 68, by Jordan Hunter, Fair Grove.


Reserve intermediate champion, Baugher's Stockyard 60, by Blake Baugher, Galt.

Junior champion, Baugher's Comanche 50, by Blake Baugher, Galt.


Reserve junior champion DAC New Day 62, by Austin Sayre, Creighton.

Reserve senior champion, Byergo Big Time 5910, by Bryson Byergo, Savannah.


Junior calf champion, DAC Jet 71, by Austin Sayre, Creighton.


Reserve junior calf champion, Envious Blackbird 70, by Austin Thummel, Sheridan.

Senior calf champion, MCC Ideal Lady 676, by Lee's Cattle Co., Brush, Colo.; and Murphy Cattle Co., Houstonia.


Reserve senior calf champion, Clearwater Blacklass 1856, by Jera Pipkin, Republic.

Intermediate champion, BC Maple Lane Lucy 670, by Cameron Ward, Plattsburg.


Reserve intermediate champion, Fox Run Bemindful Maid 6154, by Madison Gooden, Crocker.

Senior champion, Clearwater Effie J 2055, by Jera Pipkin, Republic.


Reserve senior champion, WCC Primrose 586, by Samuel Wallace, Stotts City.

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