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Missouri Angus Breeders’ Futurity Show & Sale
Feb. 24 • Columbia • No. entries: 124 • Judge: Bruce Kiesewetter, Letts, Iowa


Grand champion bull, Checkerhill Reggie R03, by Cody Smith, West Plains. He’s a March 2005 son of SAV 5175 Bando 0699.

Grand champion female, SydGen Forever Lady 4556, by Sydenstricker Genetics, Mexico. She’s a Sept. 2004 daughter of SAF Directive.


Reserve grand champion bull, WCC Traveler 619, by Wallace Cattle Co., Stotts City. He’s a Jan. 2006 son of SAV 8180 Traveler 004.

Reserve grand champion female, TVF Rachel 629, by Thunder Valley Ranch, Elsberry. She’s a Feb. 2006 daughter of BR Midland.


Division 1 champion, Birk’s Tradition 176, by Logan Birk, Cape Girardeau.

Reserve Division 1 champion, Clearwater Integrity 736, by Jera Pipkin, Republic.

Reserve Division 2 champion, Circle A Uncle Bob 6021, by Circle A Ranch, Iberia.

Division 3 champion, Fox Run Traveler 5592, by Hinds Trust, Saint Charles.

Reserve Division 3 champion, Birk’s New Frontier 205, by Birk Beef Cattle, Gordonville.

Division 4 champion, Byergo Big Time 5910, by Bryson Byergo, Savannah.

Reserve Division 4 champion, WGL New Day 5155, by Weigand Grain & Livestock, Warrensburg.

Division 5 champion, Creason Precision 522, by Creason Cattle Co., Cowgill.

Reserve Division 5 champion, DMF Corona Jack 501, by DebMark Farm, Swiss.

Reserve Division 7 champion, Gerloff Newsline 5107, by Charles Gerloff, Bland.

Division 8 champion, Clearwater 6106 EXT 215, by James Pipkin, Republic.

Reserve Division 8 champion, SydGen Prestige 5440, by Sydenstricker Genetics, Mexico.


Division 1 champion, Checkerhill Amy S06, by Clayton Smith, West Plains.

Reserve Division 1 champion, SydGen Eisa Erica 6519, by Sydenstricker Genetics, Mexico.

Division 2 champion, Birk’s Forever Lady 196, by Birk Beef Cattle, Gordonville.

Reserve Division 2 champion, MCC Primrose 670, by Murphy Cattle Co., Houstonia.

Division 4 champion, BPAR Forever Lady 4B 3126, by Sam Powell, Malden.

Reserve Division 4 champion, TVF Queen Mother 638, by Thunder Valley Ranch, Elsberry.

Reserve Division 5 champion, Cork’s Elga Erica 930 6126, by Cork Cattle Co., Wentworth.

Division 6 champion, SydGen Forever Lady 6397, by Sydenstricker Genetics, Mexico.

Reserve Division 6 champion, Fox Run Lady Ida 6034, by Fox Run Farms LLC, Mexico.

Division 7 champion, Fox Run Rachel 5599, by Fox Run Farms LLC, Mexico.

Reserve Division 7 champion, Circle A Eileenmere 5626, by Circle A Ranch, Iberia.

Division 8 champion, GPN Queen 5N32, by Brett Naylor, Buffalo.

Reserve Division 8 champion, GBF Lassie 5216, by Glen Birk Farms, Jackson.

Division 9 champion, DNA Lass R303, by Tawnia Misemer, Mount Vernon; and Cork Cattle Co., Wentworth.

Reserve Division 9 champion, BirkGen Predestined 5153, by Birk Angus Ranch, Jackson.

Division 10 champion, Gerloff Queen 5100, by Charles Gerloff, Bland.

Reserve Division 10 champion, RCC Barbara Bee 503, by Kable Ragsdale, Paris.

Reserve Division 11 champion, Baker’s Blackbird 4213, by Creason Cattle Co., Cowgill.


First-place get-of-sire, progeny of SydGen 1407 Corona 016, by Sydenstricker Genetics, Mexico; and Eggers Stock Farm, Jackson.

  DIVISION WINNERS, not pictured

Division 6 champion, Byergo Mr. Alliance 5877, by Andrew Byergo, Savannah.

  DIVISION WINNERS, not pictured

Division 3 champion, WCC Rosemary 669, by Wallace Cattle Co., Stotts City.

Reserve Division 3 champion, BPAR Forever Lady Miss 41-93 3186, by Sam Powell, Malden.

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