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Indiana Junior Angus Preview Show
June 16 • Lebanon • No. entries: 138 • Judge: Chad Ward, Eldorado, Ohio


Supreme champion and grand champion cow-calf pair, Craft Cheyenne 1397-581, by Wesley Biehl, Whitestown. She’s a March 2005 daughter of Champion Hill Tecumseh 2382. Her calf is a Feb. 2007 son of KF Precision 361.


Grand champion bred-and-owned female, Patton Travett 558, by Kade Patton, Frankfort. She’s a Sept. 2005 daughter of QLC LaGrand Forum.

Grand champion owned female, Meisner Miss Countess 605, by Chase Cunningham, Lebanon. She’s a May 2006 daughter of Northern Improvement 4480 GF.

Grand champion bred-and-owned bull, FCC Bullet Proof, by Jacob Fair, Greenfield. He’s a May 2006 son of G13 Structure.

Grand champion steer, KD Tonto, by Adam Leeper, Argos. He’s a Feb. 2006 son of GDAR SVF Chief.


Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned female, CF Peg 637, by Ashlyn Carter, Upland. She’s an April 2006 daughter of Gamble’s Front Force.

Reserve grand champion owned female, Dawson Miss Countess 96, by Chase Cunningham, Lebanon. She’s an April 2006 daughter of Grubbs Comprehensive.

Reserve grand champion cow-calf pair, Grubbs Miss Countess 45, by Caleb Smith, Whitestown. She’s a Feb. 2005 daughter of KF Precision 361. Her calf is a Feb. 2007 daughter of G13 Steel.

Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned bull, MCM Deliverence 717, by Wesley Biehl, Whitestown. He’s a Feb. 2007 son of KF Precision 361.

Reserve grand champion steer, WCC Distinction S101, by Hunter Hamilton, Heltonville. He’s a March 2006 son of WCC Distinct M10.

FEMALES, bred-and-owned

Junior calf champion, JB Tazz 17, by Jake Bennett, Kirklin.

Senior calf champion, Expresso, by Grant Gough, Ridgeville.

Reserve senior calf champion, LHF Blackbird 636, by Caitlin Davis, Michigantown.

Intermediate champion, RMA Miss Jada, by Zach Rogers, Patoka.

Reserve intermediate champion, JLC Future Blackcap J07, by Jessica Chastain, Bedford.

Reserve junior champion, LFA Free Star, by Jenna Langley, Walton.

Reserve senior champion, LHF Bemindful Maid 528, by Caitlin Davis, Michigantown.

FEMALES, owned

Senior calf champion, Covell’s Cheyenne 0634, by Kade Patton, Frankfort.

Reserve senior calf champion, Gamble’s Elba 9166, by Ashlyn Carter, Upland.

Reserve intermediate champion, MCM Agnes T 625, by Caleb Smith, Whitestown.

Early junior champion, G&J Erica 614, by Ashlyn Carter. 

Reserve early junior champion, KNC Wendy 601, by Kylee Carr, Elwood.

Senior champion, Covell’s Cheyenne 0523, by Kade Patton, Frankfort.

Reserve senior champion, WCC Everreen R191, by Justin Clark, Princeton.


Top junior showmen are (from left) Hunter Hamilton, Heltonville, first; Madison Butler, Vincennes, second; and Grant Gough, Ridgeville, third.

Top intermediate showmen are (from left) Chase Cunningham, Lebanon, first; Kale Hensley, Markleville, second; and Jacob Fair, Greenfield, third.

Top senior showmen are (from left) Garrett Knebel, Winamac, first; Kylee Carr, Elwood, second; and Wesley Biehl, Whitestown, third.

  DIVISION WINNERS, not pictured
FEMALES, bred-and-owned

FEMALES, bred-and-owned
Reserve junior champion, MCM Countess 711, by Caleb Smith, Whitestown.

  DIVISION WINNERS, not pictured
FEMALES, owned

Reserve late junior champion, IC Cowtown Edge, by Zach Rogers, Patoka.

  DIVISION WINNERS, not pictured
BULLS, bred-and-owned

BULLS, bred-and-owned
Reserve calf champion, LFA, by Brooke Langley, Walton.

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