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Illinois Junior Angus Preview Show
June 9 • Bloomington • No. entries: 136 • Judge: Lydell Meier, Clinton, Tenn.


Supreme champion and grand champion bred-and-owned female, DDA Barbara 0520, by Kyle Anderson, Chrisman. She’s a Sept. 2005 daughter of EXAR New Look 2971.


Grand champion owned female, FCF SCC PVF Proven Queen 615, by Eric McClure, Saint Francisville. She’s an April 2006 daughter of PVF New Horizon 001.

Grand champion cow-calf pair, Bohi Ever Entense 635, by Tera Moritz, Piper City. She’s an April 2005 daughter of BR Midland. Her calf is an April 2007 son of G&J New Design 553.

Grand champion bred-and-owned bull, DA Rosewood Horizon 612, by Andy Headley, Alma. He’s an Oct. 2006 son of PVF New Horizon 001.


Grand champion steer, C4 Gen Sarge, by Derek Richie, Buckingham. He’s an April 2006 son of G13 Structure.


Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned female, ALL PVF Missie 1646, by Justin Adcock, Moweaqua. She’s a Feb. 2006 daughter of TC Freedom 104.


Reserve grand champion owned female, CF Blackbird 196, by Gretchen Frost, Tallula. She’s an April 2006 daughter of SAV 5175 Bando 1024.

Reserve grand champion cow-calf pair, Top Line Blackcap 0542, by Taylor Swanson, Mason City. She’s a March 2005 daughter of Dameron Monumental. Her calf is a Feb. 2007 son of TC Total 410.


Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned bull, LLC L64 Traveler S64, by Laramie Chaffin, Roodhouse. He’s an April 2006 son of Circle Oak Traveler 520.

Reserve grand champion steer, Panther Cr Bando 6808, by Kendall Stahl, Brimfield. He’s a March 2006 son of SAV 5175 Bando 1029.

FEMALES, bred-and-owned

Senior calf champion, LLC Miss Medias Pride S63, by Laramie Chaffin, Roodhouse.


Reserve senior calf champion, TJS Frisky Bonus 0605, by Taylor Swanson, Mason City.

Intermediate champion, DDA Barbara 0616, by Kyle Anderson, Chrisman.


Reserve intermediate champion, DA Erica 6057, by Danny Headley, Alma.

Reserve junior champion, DDA Barbara 0608, by Kyle Anderson, Chrisman.


Reserve senior champion, DA Rosewood Erica 507, by Andy Headley, Alma.

FEMALES, owned

Reserve calf champion, Hobbs Tessie 126N-133S, by Ashley McEwen, Bushnell

Intermediate champion, Dameron Northern Miss 6148, by Christopher Cassady, Ancona.

Reserve intermediate champion, PVF SCC Proven Queen 684, by Taylor Adcock, Moweaqua.

Early junior champion, Rosewood Juanada 6002, by Andy Headley, Alma.

Reserve early junior champion, 4/S Miss Bugess 4646, by Emily Harrell, Roseville.
Senior champion, Shilo Northern Miss 2535, by Preston Scott, Tremont.

Reserve senior champion, Shilo Miss Evergreen 2145, by Sierra Day, Cerro Gordo.


Top peewee showmen are (from left) Dalton Lemenager, Clifton, champion; and Preston Scott, Tremont, reserve champion.


Top Division I showmen are (from left) Codee Schlipf, El Paso, champion; and Laramie Chaffin, Roodhouse, reserve champion.

Top Division II showmen are (from left) Danny Headley, Alma, champion; and Dillon Lemenager, Clifton, reserve champion.


Top Division III showmen are (from left) Andy Headley, Alma, champion; and Lauren Adcock, Moweaqua, reserve champion.

  DIVISION WINNERS, not pictured
FEMALES, owned

Calf champion, DDA Barbara 0623, by Chase Anderson, Chrisman.

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