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West Virginia State Angus Breeders’ Junior Show
July 30 • Weston • No. entries: 39 • Judge: Justin Rhinehart, Morgantown


Grand champion bred-and-owned female, Bellemonte Miss Elluna, by Zachariah Bartenslager, Lewisburg. She’s a Jan. 2005 daughter of SAV 8180 Traveler 004.

Grand champion owned female, BC 6765 Chole’s Marathon 502, by Molly Irons, Lewisburg. She’s a Jan. 2005 daughter of BC Marathon 7022.

Grand champion cow-calf pair, Miss Elluna 3299 of Foxcross, by Zachariah Bartenslager, Lewisburg. She’s an April 2003 daughter of Connealy Calc 6085. Her calf is a Feb. 2006 son of Boyd New Day 8005.

Grand champion bred-and-owned bull, TMFGM Dave, by Michael Dawson, Lost Creek. He’s a Nov. 2005 son of GAR Grid Maker.


Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned female, AAA 1X05 Prissy, by Andrew Goldizen, Maysville. She’s a Dec. 2004 daughter of WAR Hall of Fame 8023.

Reserve grand champion owned female, Brownwood Bando 15, by Anny Irons, Lewisburg. She’s an April 2005 daughter of SAV 5175 Bando 1024.

Reserve grand champion cow-calf pair, EXAR Tillie 420, by Annie Lorensen, Lewisburg. She’s a Jan. 2004 daughter of EXAR Sudden Impact 1537. Her calf is a Feb. 2006 daughter of TC Freedom 104.

Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned bull, Bellemonte New Day, by Zachariah Bartenslager, Lewisburg. He’s a Feb. 2006 son of Boyd New Day 8005.

FEMALES, bred-and-owned

Junior calf champion, Miss HYLY 6015 of Bellemonte, by Annie Lorensen, Lewisburg.

Reserve junior calf champion, Bellemonte Balance Mina, by Zachariah Bartenslager, Lewisburg.

Senior calf champion, PRF Miley, by Meghan Hoover, Franklin.

Reserve junior champion, AAA 205 Minnie, by Adam Goldizen, Maysville.

FEMALES, owned

Junior calf champion, Glenfield Erica 1036, by Jordan Miller, Franklin.

Senior calf champion, D 921 Bailey 5364, by Alison Bartenslager, Lewisburg.

Reserve senior calf champion, OH Stacker Royce, by Amber Goldizen, Maysville.

Intermediate champion, Echo Dell Kayla, by Stephanie Willis, Alderson.

Reserve intermediate champion, JDH Key Rita 0175, by Ciara Warner, Franklin.

Senior champion, Champion Hill Jestress 4233, by Justin Smith, Dorcas.

Reserve senior champion, Champion Hill Peg 4306, by Trisha Smith, Dorcas.


Top junior showmen are (from left) Reese Tuckwiller, Lewisburg, champion; and Rebekah Dunham, Leon, reserve champion.

Top intermediate showmen are (from left) Andrew Goldizen, Maysville, champion; and Trisha Smith, Dorcas, reserve champion.

Top senior showmen are (from left) Anny Irons, Lewisburg, champion; and Justin Smith, Dorcas, reserve champion.

FEMALES, owned

Reserve junior calf champion, R&T New Trend Princess L659, by Matthew Law, Lost Creek.

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