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• Minnesota Junior Angus Field Day
June 16 • Sioux Falls, S.D. • No. Entries: 67 • Judge: Chris Styles, Brentford, S.D.


Grand champion bred-and-owned female, GCR Lady Trend 139, by Cullen Walser, Minnesota Lake. She’s a March 2005 daughter of TC Foreman 016.

Grand champion owned female, Krone Clova Pride 5523, by Matthew Nelson, Mabel. She’s a Jan. 2005 daughter of BR Midland.

Grand champion cow-calf pair, CW Miss Elgaline 430, by Wesly Johnson, Pipestone. She’s a Feb. 2004 daughter of CA Future Direction 5321. Her calf is a March 2006 son of Chestnut Improvement 104.

Grand champion bred-and-owned bull, Scharpe Traveler Ranger 1009, by Peter Scharpe, Arlington. He’s a July 2005 son of SAV 8180 Traveler 004.

Grand champion steer, Bar J Special Effect, by Ryan Mitteness, Ada. He’s a Feb. 2005 son of WCC Special Design L309.


Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned female, MBA Blackbird Ultra R31, by Ryan Mitteness, Ada. She’s a June 2005 daughter of JAR Ultravox 262.

Reserve grand champion owned female, BT Royal Pride 277R, by Kayla Nelson, Mabel. She’s a Feb. 2005 daughter of BCC Bushwacker 41-93.

Reserve grand champion cow-calf pair, MD 911 Miss Annie 391, by Jessa Dahl, Luverne. She’s a Feb. 2003 daughter of WK Gunsmoke. Her calf is a Feb. 2006 daughter of MD 06 New Design 393.

Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned bull, OJ, by John Langholz, Lake Benton. He’s a Nov. 2005 son of WK New Design 2381.

Reserve grand champion steer, Da Kitch Freedom 5R, by Michael Kitchell, Ada. He’s a Feb. 2005 son of TC Freedom 104.

FEMALES, Bred-and-Owned

Calf champion, GCR Lady Erica 119, by Kara Walser, Minnesota Lake.

Reserve calf champion, Scharpe Black Jestress Reba, by Peter Scharpe, Arlington.

Reserve intermediate champion, Homedale Karama SD 591, by Lyndsie Kaehler, Saint Charles.


Calf champion, BS Erica 500, by Sydney Eddy, Jackson.

Intermediate champion, EXAR Polka R317, by Laura Ewald, Waldorf.

Reserve intermediate champion, Scharpe JMS Blackbird Rita, by Peter Scharpe, Arlington.

Senior champion, Greiman’s Christmas Royalty, by Bethanie Meiners, Caledonia.


Top junior showmen shown with Miss Minnesota Angus Alisha Nord (center) are Wesly Johnson (left), Pipestone, champion, and Jared Carlson, Pipestone, reserve champion.

Top intermediate showmen are (from left) Luke Nord, Wolverton, champion; and Aaron Miller, Saint Charles, reserve champion.

Top senior showmen are (from left) Clay Walser, Minnesota Lake, champion; and Mark Mitteness, Ada, reserve champion.

FEMALES, Bred-and-Owned

Reserve junior champion, MBA Miss Hot Stuff R9, by Ryan Mitteness, Ada.


Reserve calf champion, WCC Lucy 581, by Laura Ewald, Waldorf.

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