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Iowa Summer Junior Angus Show
July 1 • Eldora • No. entries: 109 • Judge: Mark Core, Pleasantville, Iowa


Grand champion bred-and-owned female, Tyler’s Miss Polly 5551, by Tyler Henderson, Drakesville. She’s a Feb. 2005 daughter of Henderson’s Famous Plus 051.

Grand champion owned female, R&R Lia May 543, by Leo Kruse, Nora Springs. She’s a May 2005 daughter of R&R Northern Improvement 240.

Grand champion cow-calf pair, Stream’s Shasta 4051, by Sarah Stream, Chariton. She’s a March 2004 daughter of Stream’s Krugerrand 31. Her calf is a Feb. 2006 daughter of TC Freedom 104.

Grand champion bred-and-owned bull, Schroeder’s New Look, by Lauren Schroeder, Clarence. He’s a Feb. 2005 son of EXAR New Look 2971.

Grand champion steer, DM Mayor 569, by Reed McCormick, Pleasantville. He’s a March 2005 son of DM Mayor 1124.

Grand champion Angus-based steer, Kyle Johnson, Oxford.


Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned female, TM Elluna 509, by Trent Murphy, Jefferson. She’s a March 2005 daughter of Green’s Gunsmoke 1056.

Reserve grand champion owned female, PVF LC Proven Queen 504, by Kyle Greiman, Garner. She’s a Jan. 2005 daughter of PVF New Horizon 001.

Reserve grand champion cow-calf pair, TC Peg 4077, by Tyler Becker, Diagonal. She’s a Feb. 2004 daughter of Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C. Her calf is a Jan. 2006 daughter of BR Midland.

Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned bull, Greiman’s Freedom 165, by Cole Greiman, Garner. He’s a Dec. 2005 son of TC Freedom 104.

Reserve grand champion steer, R&R Jack 532, by Wesley Ruby, Greene. He’s an April 2005 son of BEB Juneau 104.

Reserve grand champion Angus-based steer, by Drew Schroeder, Clarence.

FEMALES, bred-and-owned

Calf champion, Stream’s Shasta 6451, by Sarah Stream, Chariton.

Reserve calf champion, Greiman Miss Saugahatchee 66, by Cole Greiman, Garner.

Intermediate champion, R&R Rosie 542, by Ty Ruby, Greene.

Reserve intermediate champion, R&C Ashley 509R, by Jordan Barker, Monticello.

FEMALES, owned

Calf champion, M&M Prime Design R129, by Mitchell Schroeder, Lowden.

Reserve calf champion, WF Bandolier 55, by Cody Klendworth, Walker.

Reserve intermediate champion, Stream’s Tyra 5320, by Taylor Etzel, Alburnett.

Reserve junior champion, SH Raptor’s Lady Eva 5104, by Mallory Espenscheid, Traer.

Senior champion, Schmidt’s Special Lady, by Sarah Stream, Chariton.

Reserve senior champion, LaGrand Travett 4728, by Wesley Ruby, Greene.

Bulls, bred-and-owned

Reserve calf champion, Burns Absolutely B676, by Joseph Burns, Oxford.

Intermediate champion, Madison’s Duke 5222, by Madison Henderson, Drakesville.

Reserve intermediate champion, Walridge 559 Deuteronomy, by Bridget Driscoll, Williamsburg.

Reserve junior champion, R&C Royal Russ 527R, by Lauren Barker, Monticello.


Top peewee showmen are (from left) Ryland McCormick, Pleasantville; Russell Holmes, Benton; Katelyn Holmes, Benton; Zachary Hougland, Bloomfield; Taylor Duckett, New Liberty; Cassidy Becker, Diagonal; and Alexis Bradshaw, Hubbard.

Top junior showmen are (from left) Erin Steele, Anita, reserve champion; and Leo Kruse, Nora Springs, champion.

Top intermediate showmen are (from left) Tyler Henderson, Drakesville, reserve champion; and Wesley Ruby, Greene, champion.

Top senior showmen and chosen to represent Iowa at the National Junior Angus Showmanship Contest at the 2006 National Junior Angus Show are (from left) Sarah Stream, Chariton, representative; Jospeh Burns, Oxford, representative; and Katie Jensen, North English, alternate.

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