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Wisconsin State Fair Open Angus Show
Aug. 6 • Milwaukee • No. entries: 122 • Judge: Vance Uden, Franklin, Neb.


Grand champion bull, Lynnbrook Dateline 363, by Weaver Angus Farm, Peoria, Ill.; Lynnbrook Farms, Williamsfield, Ill.; and Aden & Bock Farms, Hanna City, Ill. He’s a Sept. 2003 son of Vermilion Dateline 7078.

Grand champion female, Hartz Black Lady Lass 493, by Deanna Hartzell, Mineral Point. She’s an April 2004 daughter of Boyd New Day 8005.

Grand champion cow-calf pair, 2K Pride 613, by Kelsi Retallick, Glen Haven. She’s a March 2003 daughter of SAF Strategy 9015. Her calf is a Feb. 2005 son of Bon-View New Design 1407.


Reserve grand champion bull, Dameron R&W New Deal 446, by Callie Rickard, Heyworth, Ill. He’s a March 2004 son of PVF New Horizon 001.

Reserve grand champion female, WAF Missie 3137, by Weaver Angus Farm, Peoria, Ill., and Benjamin Marsh, Union, Ill. She’s a Sept. 2003 daughter of CA Future Direction 5321.

Reserve grand champion cow-calf pair, Clifton Forever Lady MLA 929, by Heidi Tremaine and Tremaine Angus, both of Oconomowoc. She’s a March 1999 daughter of N-Bar Emulation EXT. Her calf is a March 2005 daughter of Rito 2V1 of 2536 1407.


Junior calf champion, Tremaine Freedom 501, by Luke Tremaine, Oconomowoc.

Reserve junior calf champion, SLF Frontersman 165, by Springlake Farm, Kingston, Ill.

Senior calf champion, A Plus Extreme 4207, by Rick and Leslie Mindemann, Sullivan.

Reserve senior calf champion, TFA Magnum Improvement 1104, by Zach Terry, Sheridan, Ill.

Intermediate champion, WGA Powerhouse 0423, by James Marsh, Union, Ill.

Reserve intermediate champion, LW Premium 7J04, by Courtney Jentz, Fennimore.

Reserve junior champion, Lemenager Ever Last 412, by Ross and Bradley Thomas, both of Clinton, Ill., and Lemenager Cattle, Clifton, Ill.

Junior calf champion, Blue Ston Queen 5017, by Blue Ston Farms, Stonington, Ill.

Reserve junior calf champion, SLF Enchantress 815, by Tyler Rhode, Hudson, Ill.

Senior calf champion, LLA Georgina 411, by Lakeland Farm, Palmyra.

Reserve senior calf champion, Briarwood Winnie 324, by Ben and Gail Brancel, Endeavor.

Intermediate champion, Hartz Black Lady Lass 495, by Deanna Hartzell, Mineral Point.

Reserve senior champion, Finley’s Elba Pride 3172, by Courtney Jentz, Fennimore.

Wisconsin reserve junior champion female, Fernvale BC Blackbird 412, by Dana May, Mineral Point.

Wisconsin junior champion bull, Mindemann Royal Design 428, by Rick and Leslie Mindemann, Sullivan.

Wisconsin reserve junior champion bull, HBL Jake G405, by Kaley Bockhop, Belmont.

Reserve intermediate champion, Dameron Marshall Lady 4128, by Christopher Cassady, Ancona, Ill.
Reserve junior champion, Dameron Bardot 452, by Callie Rickard, Heyworth, Ill.

First-place get-of-sire and first-place junior get-of-sire, progeny of TC Freedom 104, by Lakeland Farm, Palmyra.
First-place breeder’s best six head, by 2K Cattle Ent., Glen Haven.
Premier Breeder, Diamond K Farms, Fennimore.
Premier Exhibitor, Springlake Farm, Kingston, Ill.
Herdsman Award, Tremaine Angus, Oconomowoc.

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