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World Beef Expo ROV Angus Show
Sept. 24 • Milwaukee, Wis. • No. entries: 150 • Judge: Troy Thomas, Harrold, S.D.


Grand champion bull, QLC LaGrand Forum, by Fluharty Farms LLC, Gause, Texas; Quirk Land & Cattle Co., Hastings, Neb.; and LaGrand Angus & Hereford Ranch, Freeman, S.D. He’s a March 2003 son of G13 Structure.

Grand champion female, CLF Queen Isabella 55P, by Calli Bayer, Ringle, Wis. She’s an April 2004 daughter of BEB Juneau 104.

Grand champion cow-calf pair, LaGrand Lady Echo 3497, by Michael Murphy, Jefferson, Iowa. She’s a Feb. 2003 daughter of Famous 7001. Her calf is a Feb. 2005 son of LaGrand Designer H314.


Reserve grand champion bull, Lynnbrook Dateline 363, by Weaver Angus Farm, Peoria, Ill.; Lynnbrook Farms, Williamsfield, Ill.; and Aden & Bock Farms, Hanna City, Ill. He’s a Sept. 2003 son of Vermilion Dateline 7078.

Reserve grand champion female, PVF Proven Queen 419, by Kyle Anderson, Chrisman, Ill. She’s a Jan. 2004 daughter of PVF New Horizon 001.

Reserve grand champion cow-calf pair, G13 Erica 3067, by Chad Oates and Greg Smith, both of Elida, N.M. She’s a May 2003 daughter of G13 Structure. Her calf is a Feb. 2005 son of Bon-View New Design 878.


Junior calf champion, LaGrand Structure 5103, by LaGrand Angus & Hereford Ranch, Freeman, S.D.

Reserve junior calf champion, KCJ Rope, by KCJ Angus, Platteville, Wis.

Senior calf champion, A Plus Extreme 4207, by Rick and Leslie Mindemann, Sullivan, Wis.

Intermediate champion, G13 Encore, by G13 Angus Ranch Inc., Lubbock, Texas, and Greg Smith, Elida, N.M.

Reserve intermediate champion, G13 Structure 4092, by Greg Smith, Elida, N.M.

Junior champion, LaGrand Sun Dance 4211, by Styles Plainview Angus Farm, Brentford, S.D., and LaGrand Angus & Hereford Ranch and The Sun Dance Group, both of Freeman, S.D.


Junior calf champion, Da-Es-Ro Erica 5006 719, by Da-Es-Ro Angus Farms, Columbus Junction, Iowa.

Reserve junior calf champion, LLA Rita 504, by Lakeland Farm, Palmyra, Wis.

Senior calf champion, LLA Georgina 411, by Lakeland Farm, Palmyra, Wis.

Reserve senior calf champion, Briarwood Winnie 324, by Ben and Gail Brancel, Endeavor, Wis.

Intermediate champion, Lemenager Forever Lady 465, by Paige Thomas, Clinton, Ill.

Senior champion, Finley’s Elba Pride 3172, by Courtney Jentz, Fennimore, Wis.

Reserve senior calf champion, LLA Freedom 412, by Lakeland Farm, Palmyra, Wis.
Reserve junior champion, MCM Clear Cut of MLA, by BCX II Farm, Sheridan, Ind., and MCM Farms, Whitestown, Ind.


Reserve intermediate champion, G13 Delia 4053, by Joseph Magee, Mendenhall, Miss.
Reserve senior champion, Royal Georgina 350, by Royal Angus Farms LLC, Eagle, Wis., and Cornerstone Angus, Palmyra, Wis.


First-place get-of-sire and first-place junior get-of-sire, progeny of G13 Structure, by Greg Smith, Elida, N.M.
First-place breeder’s best six head, by Greg Smith, Elida, N.M.

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