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Missouri Angus Ass’n Preview Show
June 12 • Sedalia • No. entries: 153 • Judge: Dale Grubbs, Hillsboro, Ind.


Grand champion bull, HAF Eclipse 33, by Hope Herd, Fair Grove. He’s a Jan. 2003 son of Ankonian Elixir 100.

Grand champion female, BC Mignonne’s 20/20 436, by Kyle Conley, Clarksdale. She’s a Feb. 2004 daughter of BC Sasquatch 20-20 4139.

Grand champion cow-calf pair, BC Pure Pride 413 854E 304, by Bill Conley, Clarksdale, and Gallagher’s Farm Inc., Ghent, N.Y. She’s a Jan. 2003 daughter of OCC Emblazon 854E. Her calf is a Feb. 2005 son of BC Marathon 7022.

Grand champion jackpot heifer, Clearwater Coquette 1493, by Brett Naylor, Buffalo. She’s a Sept. 2003 daughter of Baldridge Notch AC.

Reserve grand champion bull, Secrets Gridmaker 1106, by Victoria Rader, Marionville. He’s a Sept. 2004 son of GAR Grid Maker.

Reserve grand champion female, Throg Rita 762P, by Cameron Ward, Plattsburg. She’s a Feb. 2004 daughter of SAF Connection.

Reserve grand champion cow-calf pair, SR Envious Blackbird 314, by Austin Thummel, Sheridan. She’s a March 2003 daughter of SAF 598 Bando 5175. Her calf is a Jan. 2005 daughter of TC Freedom 104.

Reserve grand champion jackpot heifer, Byergo Cupcake 409, by Evinn Dilly, Deerfield. She’s a Feb. 2004 daughter of Bon-View New Design 1407.

Reserve calf champion, GPN Precision 4N33, by Brett Naylor, Buffalo.

Intermediate champion, GL Midland, by Lang Bartling and Charles or Gloria Stroud, all of Louisburg.

Junior champion, CKM Bulwark of TSA 707-451, by Chelsea Moffitt, Kirksville.

Reserve junior champion, Edwards Bushwacker 401, by Jordan Hunter, Fair Grove.

Reserve senior champion, Checkerhill Madrid N11, by Cody Smith, West Plains.

Calf champion, WCC Eisa Evergreen 476, by Paige Wallace, Stotts City.

Reserve calf champion, WCC Lass 471, by Samuel Wallace, Stotts City.

Intermediate champion, LaGrand Royal Lass 4578, by Hope Herd, Fair Grove.

Reserve intermediate champion, BF Elba 305, by Hope Herd, Fair Grove.

Senior champion, Hedgewood Ever Entense CC, by Cameron Ward, Plattsburg.
Reserve senior champion, Famous Grace 513 of CMW, by Cody Washam, Pierce City.

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