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Kentucky Junior Angus Ass’n Preview Show
June 10 • Morehead • No. entries: 109 • Judge: Jon Davis, Bidwell, Ohio


Grand champion bred-and-owned female, Grandview Womack Lucy 2713, by Katrina Womack, Pembroke. She’s a Nov. 2003 daughter of Twin Valley Precision E161.

Grand champion owned female, Gamble’s Skymere 940, by Lauren Moss, Lancaster. She’s a Feb. 2004 daughter of JAC’s Forefront 2202.

Grand champion cow-calf pair, Grandview Womack Blkbd 292, by Amanda Chumley, Stamping Ground. She’s a Feb. 2002 daughter of Millcreek Diversity. Her calf is an April 2005 son of GGC Traveling Judge 272.

Grand champion bred-and-owned bull, GW Precision 4048, by Katrina Womack, Pembroke. He’s an Oct. 2004 son of WCC Precision E161 J239.

Grand champion steer, SAF Right Time P047, by Lauren Moss, Lancaster. He’s a March 2004 son of BT Right Time 24J.


Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned female, Boyd Forever Lady 4004, by Blake Boyd, Mays Lick. She’s a Jan. 2004 daughter of BR Midland.

Reserve grand champion owned female, Boyd Lucy 3200, by Blake Boyd, Mays Lick. She’s a Sept. 2003 daughter of Summitcrest High Prime 0H29.

Reserve grand champion cow-calf pair, Toebben Forever Lady 3077, by Amanda Chumley, Stamping Ground. She’s an April 2003 daughter of EXAR Expand 1241. Her calf is a March 2005 son of SS Traveler 6807 T510.

Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned bull, RMF Light’n in a Bottle 264, by Ericka Waggener, Harrodsburg. He’s a Feb. 2004 son of Grandview Womack Design 2901.

Reserve grand champion steer, Akers Anchor 4071, by Tyler Mackey, Lancaster. He’s a Feb. 2004 son of OCC Anchor 771A.

FEMALES, bred-and-owned

Calf champion, Grandview Womack Miss 4044, by Katrina Womack, Pembroke.

Reserve calf champion, Grandview Womack Skymere, by Katrina Womack, Pembroke.

Intermediate champion, Flach’s Blackcap Lady 405, by Taylor Flach, Harrodsburg.

Reserve intermediate champion, SCL Violet 064, by Lauren Moss, Lancaster.

Reserve junior champion, Boyd Everelda Entense 409, by Blake Boyd, Mays Lick.
FEMALES, owned

Calf champion, HSAF Fern’s Pride 170C, by Jenna Brown, Woodburn.

Reserve calf champion, Bell’s Erica 425, by Brian Reynolds, Magnolia.

Intermediate champion, Bell’s Precise Lady 420, by Brian Reynolds, Magnolia.

Junior showmanship winners are (from left) Katie Dick, Russell Springs, first; Taylor Flach, Harrodsburg, second; and Taylor Blandford, Springfield, third.

Intermediate showmanship winners are (from left) Logan Goggin, Danville, third; Ashley Quiggins, Horse Cave, second; and Ramsey Johnson, Winchester, first.

Senior showmanship winners are (from left) Lauren Moss, Lancaster, first; Justin Jackson, Salvisa, second; and Kimberli Fister, Stamping Ground, third.

Representing Kentucky at the 2005 National Junior Angus Showmanship Contest is Jillian Warren, Lebanon.
FEMALES, bred-and-owned

Reserve senior champion, BB Lucy 3000C 319, by Ben Brown, Woodburn.
FEMALES, owned

Reserve intermediate champion, TAF Miss Lucy 432, by Katie Goggin, Danville.
Reserve junior champion, Foreverlady RJ P20, by Logan Goggin, Danville.
Reserve senior champion, LMW Miss Avonlea 3006, by Bradley Warren, Lebanon.

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