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Indiana Junior Angus Preview Show
June 17 • Lebanon • No. entries: 115 • Judge: Jim Ward, Palmyra, Wis.


Supreme champion and grand champion bred-and-owned bull, LHF Forever Midland 417 2095, by Caitlin Davis, Michigantown. He’s a Feb. 2004 son of BR Midland.

Grand champion bred-and-owned female, BC II Lady Lucy 304, by Jill Cunningham, Sheridan. She’s an April 2004 daughter of VDAR Lucy’s Boy.

Grand champion owned female, FA Special Patricia KN, by Whitney Carr, Elwood. She’s a Jan. 2004 daughter of WCC Special Design L309.

Grand champion steer, WCC Amos, by Tabitha Clifford, Bainbridge. He’s an April 2004 son of Traveler 18 BCAR.

Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned female, Patton Farrah 437 YAF, by Joe Younts, Markleville. She’s a March 2004 daughter of Roth E161 Precision 1603.

Reserve grand champion owned female, Patton Blackbird 442 YAF, by Christen Cartmell, Monticello. She’s a March 2004 daughter of WCC Special Design L309.

Reserve grand champion cow-calf pair, Patton Lady Agnes 232, by Christen Cartmell, Monticello. She’s an April 2002 daughter of JLB Exacto 416. Her calf is March 2005 daughter of G13 Structure.

Reserve grand champion bred-and-owned bull, Gamble’s CF Absolut 520, by Ashlyn Carter, Upland. He’s a Feb. 2005 son of Bush’s Absolute Power.

Reserve grand champion steer, Tatersalad of MSF, by Kyle Jacobs, Shirley. He’s a March 2004 son of KF Precision 361.

Reserve champion sale female and owned reserve senior champion female, Dimple 312, by Kara Wilson, Orleans.
FEMALES, bred-and-owned

Junior calf champion, Patton Lady Agnes 526, by Christen Cartmell, Monticello.

Senior calf champion, Sharegal, by Kale Hensley, Markleville.

Reserve senior calf champion, CAF Melanie 429, by Jessica Carmichael, Bloomington.

Intermediate champion, BC II Miss Rowena 414, by Jill Cunningham, Sheridan.

Reserve intermediate champion, CAF Abby Jo 425, by Jessica Carmichael, Bloomington.

Senior champion, FF MS River Blacklass 314, by Jayme Sherfield, Spencer.
FEMALES, owned

Senior calf champion, DMF Jewel 417M, by Amanda Duckett, Knightstown.

Reserve senior calf champion, CF Pride 5004, by Johnathan Dolph, Walkerton.

Intermediate champion, WCC Blackcap P140, by Samuel Barker, Danville.

Reserve intermediate champion, Gamble’s Lady 959, by Ashlyn Carter, Upland.

Reserve late junior champion, WCC Blacklass P77, by Tabitha Clifford, Bainbridge.

Reserve early junior champion, Crystal Creek Missie 0894, by Andrew Pence, Knightown.

Senior champion, Patton Lady Agnes 338, by Lucas Neumayr, New Richmond.

Junior showmanship winners are (from left) Grant Gough, Ridgeville, first; Jacob Fair, Greenfield, second; and Kale Hensley, Markleville, third.

Intermediate showmanship winners are (from left) Kylee Carr, Elwood, first; Catherine Knebel, Winamac, second; and Julia Smith, Knightstown, third.

Senior showmanship winners are (from left) Whitney Carr, Elwood, first; Kallie Kovert, Crothersville, second; and Catherine Barker, Danville, third.

Representing Indiana at the 2005 National Junior Angus Showmanship Contest are (from left) April Harris, Ridgeville; Christen Cartmell, Monticello; Kallie Kovert, Crothersville, first alternate; and Catherine Barker, Danville, second alternate.
Grand champion cow-calf pair, CF Blakcap 1503, by Ashlyn Carter, Upland. She’s a Feb. 2003 daughter of Twin Valley Precision E161. Her calf is a Feb. 2005 son of Bush’s Absolute Power.
Champion sale female, Eventress SS 102P, by Travis Gabehart, Franklin.
BULLS, bred-and-owned

Senior calf champion, JAS Sterling Design 471, by Jacob Saunders, Cloverdale.

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