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Illinois State Fair Angus Show
Aug. 16 • Springfield • No. entries: 161 • Judge: Doug Satree, Montague, Texas


Grand champion bull, Lynnbrook Dateline 363, by Weaver Angus Farm, Peoria; Lynnbrook Farms, Williamsfield; and Aden & Bock Farms, Hanna City. He’s a Sept. 2003 son of Vermilion Dateline 7078.

Grand champion female, Dameron CF Marshall Lady 408, by Christopher Cassady, Ancona. She’s a Jan. 2004 daughter of GAR Grid Maker.

Grand champion cow-calf pair, DA Erica 3045, by Andy Headley, Alma. She’s a March 2003 daughter of SAV Champion Hill Cherokee. Her calf is a March 2005 daughter of Major League.


Reserve grand champion bull, Dameron R&W New Deal 446, by Callie Rickard, Heyworth. He’s a March 2004 son of PVF New Horizon 001.

Reserve grand champion female, DDA Barbara 0411, by Kyle Anderson, Chrisman. She’s a Feb. 2004 daughter of Summitcrest High Prime 0H29.

Reserve grand champion cow-calf pair, Maple Lane Rita 1016, by Daniel Clark, Oblong. She’s a Jan. 2001 daughter of TRA New Tron 552. Her calf is a Jan. 2005 daughter of Vermilion Dateline 7078.


Junior calf champion, Ascent Freedom R24, by Therese Miller, Oakland.

Reserve junior calf champion, Shilo Featured Direction 15, by Shilo Farms, Macomb.

Senior calf champion, KF Limit UP 562, by Marvin Kramer, Farina.

Reserve senior calf champion, Lemenager Rize Up 497, by Lemenager Cattle, Clifton.

Intermediate champion, WGA Powerhouse 0423, by James Marsh, Union.

Reserve intermediate champion, MAF Theo 40, by David Rawlings, New Holland.

Reserve junior champion, Lemenager Ever Last 412, by Ross and Bradley Thomas, both of Clinton, and Lemenager Cattle, Clifton.

Reserve senior champion, Ascent Freedom N28, by Therese Miller, Oakland.

Junior calf champion, JWA Blackbird 501, by Justin Adcock, Moweaqua.

Reserve junior calf champion, HAF Eliza Marshall 525, by Dustin Hamilton, Sesser.

Senior calf champion, Dameron Pride 4158, by Ryan Long, Blue Mound.

Reserve senior calf champion, LBF Lady Ida 491, by Cody Bock, Hanna City.

Intermediate champion, Dameron Marshall Lady 4128, by Christopher Cassady, Ancona.

Reserve intermediate champion, Rosewood Erica 4073, by Andy Headley, Alma.

Late junior champion, EXG Lassie P686 R3, by Joshua Moritz, Piper City.

Reserve late junior champion, Grandview Womack Rose 844, by Daniel Clark, Oblong.

Senior champion, KF Misenchanta Mere 1396, by Dustin Stuckemeyer, Altamont.

Reserve senior champion, WAF Missie 3137, by Weaver Angus Farm, Peoria, and Benjamin Marsh, Union.

First-place junior get-of-sire, progeny of Champion Hill 4100 1757, by Dustin Hamilton, Sesser.

First-place breeder’s best six head, by Dustin Hamilton, Sesser.

Lauren (left) and Justin Adcock both of Moweaqua, are named outstanding herdsmen.

First-place get-of-sire, progeny of PVF New Horizon 001, by Dameron Angus Farm, Lexington.

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