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Illinois State Fair Angus Show
Aug. 17 • Springfield • No. entries: 172 • Judge: Jim Gillooly, Washington, Ind.


Grand champion bull, Dameron PVF Exclusive 316, by Dameron Angus Farm, Lexington; Prairie View Farm, Gridley; and Haefner Show Cattle, Milledgeville. He’s a Jan. 2003 son of Leachman Explorer.

Grand champion female, WAF Missie 3137, by Weaver Angus Farm, Peoria. She’s a Sept. 2003 daughter of CA Future Direction 5321.


Reserve grand champion bull, OAR Northern Legend 0143, by Top Line Farm, Tremont. He’s a May 2002 son of Northern Improvement 4480 GF.

Reserve grand champion female, HCA Eva Pride 353, by Colby Horsley, Galva. She’s a March 2003 daughter of SAV 5175 Bando 1024.


Junior calf champion, WC Cinch 4C01, by Lee Livestock, Wellington, and Willy Couch, Owensville, Ind.

Reserve junior calf champion, Lemenager Ever Last 412, by Lemenager Cattle, Clifton.

Senior calf champion, Lynnbrook Dateline 363, by Lynnbrook Farms, Williamsfield, and Cody Bock, Hanna City.

Reserve senior calf champion, KF Up Front 508, by Eugene Kramer, Farina.

Intermediate champion, MF Excursion, by Mitchell Fessler, Dow.

Reserve intermediate champion, Ewing Cruiser 803, by Matthew Ewing, Rushville.

Reserve junior champion, WAF Sagahatchee 3101, by Weaver Angus Farm, Peoria, and Pasture View Farm, Dunlap.

Reserve senior champion, Woodlawn Bando 5175 402, by Bradley Wock, Jerseyville.


Junior calf champion, DDA Barbara 0411, by Kyle Anderson, Chrisman.

Reserve junior calf champion, Lemenager Forever Lady 402, by Lemenager Cattle, Clifton.

Reserve senior calf champion, HAF Elgina 360, by Dustin Hamilton, Sesser.

Intermediate champion, Lemenager Forever Lady 357, by Lemenager Cattle, Clifton.

Reserve intermediate champion, GAR Gridmaker 253S, by Brock Swalve, Chadwick.

Reserve late junior champion, Dameron Northern Miss 3114, by Trent Ray, Abingdon.

Early junior champion, BAF Miss Blackbird 3814, by Sean Bertelsen, Alexis.

Reserve early junior champion, G&J Erica 3159, by Joshua Moritz, Piper City.

Senior champion, WAF Forever Lass 2168, by Weaver Angus Farm, Peoria, and Bar None Angus Ranch, Flanagan.

Reserve senior champion, Rosewood Erica 2080, by Danny Headley, Alma.


First place get-of-sire, progeny of Bush’s Roll On, by Lauren Evans, Alma.

Premier herdsman, Lemenager Cattle, Clifton. Pictured are (from left) Stacy, holding Paige; Luke; Chuck and Tori Lemenager.

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