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• Henrietta Pride 643T is one of the breed’s hottest commodities, and we are excited to have her daughters and granddaughters headline our
2013 sale offering.
• 643T is the dam of the $270,000-valued EXAR Significant 1769B, whose half interest topped the 2012 Bases Loaded Sale in Denver, and PF
Waukomis 7229 643T 1539, whose half interest sold to Rimrock Productions for $55,000 in our 2012 sale.
• 643T joined the donor programs of Pollard Farms and Express Ranches as the $140,000 top-selling female of the 2009 Limestone Sale and
more recently topped the Express Ranches Big Event at $195,000 for half interest to Deer Valley Angus. 643T is a full sister to the $85,000 sire
Sitz Upward 307R and stems from one of the most proven and productive families ever developed in the Sitz Angus program.
• In the 2012 Pollard Sale, maternal sisters to Lots 1, 3 and 4 in this sale sold for $80,000 to Vintage Angus and $60,000 to 7T Farms, while ma-
ternal sister pregnancies sold for $25,000 to KiamichiLink Ranch and $15,000 to BoBo Angus.
• In the 2012 Denim and Diamonds Sale, a maternal sister to Lots 1, 3 and 4 sold to Bob Ballew for $25,000, while two pregnancies from 643T
sold for $14,000 to BoBo and $13,250 to Oldroyd Angus. A Credence daughter of 643T from our herd also sold to Bob Ballew in the Bases Loaded
Sale for $18,000.
• In the 2011 Pollard Sale, maternal sisters to Lots 1, 3 and 4 sold for $64,000 to Vintage Angus and A-Cross Ranch and for $40,000 to Spruce
Mountain Ranch, while an added lot heifer pregnancy that is a full sib to Lot 3 sold for $20,000 to BoBo Angus.
• In the 2010 Pollard Sale, three heifer pregnancies from 643T sold for a total of $27,500 to SandPoint, Evans and Suzy Q for an impressive av-
erage of $9,167. Two maternal sister heifer pregnancies to Lots 1, 3 and 4 were added highlights of our 2009 sale and sold to the partnership
of Monarch Farms, KiamichiLink Ranch and Vintage Angus Ranch for $26,000 each. Another maternal sib heifer pregnancy sold for $16,000
in the 2010 Bases Loaded Sale to Rock River Ranch.
Sitz Henrietta Pride 643T
Dam or granddam of Lots 1–4
Owned with Express Ranches & Deer Valley Farm
$W $F
+3.2 +59 +106 +28 +.13 +.88 +37.01 +48.03 +16.94 +80.32
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