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Welcome to our 9
Annual Fall Production Sale featuring 287 registered Angus bulls
and 24 bred, registered Angus heifers. We will also offer 111 bred, GAR commercial
heifers. Immediately following the GAR Sale, some of our best commercial customers,
will offer 350 head of GAR-Influenced commercial cow-calf pairs and replacement
females in the Profit Proven Sale.
Genomic-enhanced EPDs and new information
on genetic conditions have changed the tools we use
for multi-trait selection, but
We strive for genetic excellence in reproductive
efficiency, calving ease, postweaning growth, feed-
lot performance and carcass value. The cattle in this
sale represent our best effort.
The genetically-superior, 14-to-20-month-old
bulls in the sale sport an
average $BEEF index of
. These bulls excel in all the traits of econom-
ic importance with
average EPDs of: CED +11,
BW +0.8, WW +57, YW +105, Milk +31, Marb +.97, and RE +1.00
. The mean do-
cility score of +21 ranks the average bull in this group in the Top 15% of the breed for
good behavior.
We are pleased to offer 111 bred, 20-month-old commercial heifers due to calve in
February and March, 2014. The bred heifers will be sold in groups of 10 head. The heif-
ers are sired by GAR sires and bred to GAR Progress. Each commercial heifer has been
genomic tested with Gene-Max, a new DNA tool designed to evaluate marbling and
post-weaning gain in commercial herds using registered Angus sires. Complete infor-
mation on the groups of heifers, including their GeneMax scores, is available in the sale
catalog and can be accessed on our website
Immediately following the GAR sale, the
Profit Proven Group, some of our best com-
mercial customers, will offer 350 head of
GAR-Influenced commercial cow-calf pairs
and replacement females. These are some of
the very best commercial Angus females from
seven of our customers. The fall pairs and bred
heifers offered by the Profit Proven group will
be displayed in videos that can be accessed on
our website
). Further
details about the Profit Proven Female Sale can
be found at the end of the catalog.
Please join us for dinner Sunday evening,
September 29
at 5:00 pm followed by an ed-
ucational update on the use of genomic information for selection and mating presented
by Bill Bowman, American Angus Association. Bill Beal will moderate panelists, Sam
Hands, Triangle H Grain & Cattle, Garden City, KS, Joe Mayer, Guymon, OK and Ran-
dall Spare, Ashland, KS. The panel will discuss ways in which they are currently using
genomic information in their commercial operations. We would be honored to have you
at our fall sale and encourage you to let us know if there is any way we can assist you.
Henry Gardiner
Greg Gardiner
Mark Gardiner
Garth Gardiner
Grant Gardiner
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1136 CR Y
Ashland, Kansas
Greg: 620-635-0233
Mark: 620-635-5095
Garth: 620-635-5632
Grant: 620-635-0382
Duplications Mutation (DD)
A genetic condition inherited as a sim-
ple recessive was reported recently
(8/12/13). The condition can be effec-
tively managed by strategic DNA test-
ing and avoidance of breeding carrier
females to carrier sires. Status of bulls
in the sale will be posted at as soon as the results are
available. DDF – indicates the animal is
free of the mutation. DDC – indicates the
animal is a carrier of the mutation.
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