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Welcome Angus Breeders,
We invite everyone to attend the annual female sale at Bricton Farm on April 19, 2014 at
11:00 a.m. C. L. and Joyce are always great hosts with “Southern Hospitality” at its
finest. C.L.’s famous smile greets friends and breeders any time of year and the third
weekend in April is always a special time in Georgia.
The genetic progress of the Bricton program is certainly demonstrated in this excellent
offering of females. C.L. has been in the Angus business a long time and along with
manager, Clay Bussell continues to utilize the best genetics in the breed. Highlighting this
year’s sale as Lot 1 is GAR Predestined 2578, truly a unique donor female who’s dam
is one the breeds leading maternal and carcass females. Study the EPD’s of this donor
along with her record of WR 2@ 109 and YR 2@ 102. Also selling are three excellent 10X
ET heifer calves. Another super young donor, Lot 2, Bricton Blackcap 9328 combines
excellent breed leading MB and $B numbers. As always, a top selection of ET heifer calves
are offered this year. One of the strong parts of the Bricton sale each year are the females
with fall heifer calves at side. This year’s group of pairs is really exceptional!!
Angus genetics are number one in the industry paving the way for the top value rewards
that every segment of the cattle business is currently enjoying. It takes breeders like C.L.
who continues to commit resources to the Bricton herd which in turn provide superior
genetics to other breeders.
We urge you to view the sale book, inspect this offering and plan to attend the sale.
We will be at the sale site days ahead of the sale so please give us a call if we can be of
service in any way.
LARRY COTTON 517-294-0777
RYAN COTTON 706-206-8361
MIKE GOTHARD 540-894-1055
JERRY CRENSHAW 703-244-4767
ZACK HILEMAN 540-460-2776
SCOTT BENNETT 434-660-7268
Zack Hileman
Larry Cotton
Ryan Cotton
Mike Gothard Jerry Crenshaw Zack Hileman
Scott Bennett
Take I-20 East to Exit 98 (GA 11). Go south on Highway 11 approximately 3 miles. From I-75 at Forsythe, GA
(exit 187) go north on GA-83 to Monticello, GA. Then go north on GA-11 for 20 miles to Bricton Farm.
I-20 East
Hwy. 278
Hwy. 142
Hwy. 11
Aprox. 3 Miles
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