Lawson Family Farms

2017 Spring Bull & Female Sale

Saturday, April 22, 2017  

Ewing, VA

Sale Listings
Lots: 99
A  Coleman Rubicon 5255 [OSF]
B  Coleman Regis 356
C  44 Envision [AMF-CAF-D2F-DDF-M1F-NHF-OSF]
D  Coleman Venture 403
E  Sitz Investment 660Z [AMF-CAF-D2F-DDF-M1F-NHF-OSF]
F  SAV Ten Speed 3022 [AMF-CAF-D2F-DDF-M1F-NHF-OSF]
G  SAV Renown 3439 [AMF-CAF-D2F-DDF-M1F-NHF-OSF]
H  SAV Registry 2831 [AMF-CAF-DDF-M1F-NHF-OHF-OSF]
I  SAV Regard 4863 [AMF-D2F-DDF-M1F-NHF-OSF]
J  Mohnen Impressive 1093 [AMF-CAF-D2F-DDF-M1F-NHF-OSF]
K  SAV Testament 5218
L  SAV Fresh Start 5077
M  Lawsons Redefined B555
N  Boyd Authority 3100 [AMF-CAF-D2F-DDF-M1F-NHF]
O  Boyd Cartwright 3303 [AMF-CAF-D2F-DDF-M1F-NHF-OSF]
P  Boyd Revere 4141 [OSF]
1  Lawsons Henrietta Pride C804
1B  Lawsons Henrietta D855
1C  Lawsons Henrietta D853
2A  PF Henrietta Pride 1009 EXAR
2B  Lawsons Henrietta Pride D991
2C  Lawsons Henrietta Pride D61
4  Lawsons Blackcap D826
5  44 Ms Predestined 4734
5A  Lawsons MS Predestined D902
6  Coleman Donna 1189 [OSF]
6B  Lawsons Donna D850
6C  Lawsons Donna D861
6D  Lawsons JMJ Donna C805
7E  Coleman Donna 680
8A  Lawsons Donna D866
8B  Lawsons Donna D858
9  Lawsons Donna D900
11A  Lawsons Lucy D841
12A  Lawsons Lucy D838
13  Lawsons Lucy C798
14  Coleman Lady 1224
14A  Lawsons Lady D54
15  TRM Lady 3100
15A  Lawsons Redefined D60
15B  Lawsons Lady C794
16  Lone Oaks Lady 9158
16A  Lawsons Redefined D62
17  Lawsons Lady D872
18  Angus Alliance Donna 962
18A  Lawsons Donna A407
19  Coleman Donna 1112
19A  Lawsons Redefined D58
20  Coleman Donna 1397
21A  Lawsons Donna C771
21B  Lawsons Donna D59
22  Lawsons Chloe C815
23  Double D Chloe D74
24  Lawsons Pride X948
24A  Lawsons Pride D983
25  Yon Witch U678
26  Lawsons Witch Y219
27  Deer Valley Tiffany 97149 [DDF]
28  Lawsons Totally Tuned A411
29  Laws Sophie W101
29B  Lawsons Regis D966
30  Boyd Forever Lady 9108
30B  Lawsons Regis D962
31  Lawsons Resource D930
32  Lawsons Ten Speed D883
33  Lawsons DD Harvester D891
34  Lawsons DD Harverstor D877
35  Lawsons JMJ Harvestor C802
36  Lawsons Final Product C799
37  Lawsons Renown D892
38  Lawsons Renown D880
39  Lawsons Investment C816
40  Lawsons Investment C817
41  Lawsons Investment D886
42  Lawsons Traveler D875
43  Lawsons Cartwright D829
44  Lawsons Resource D821
45  Lawsons Cutting Edge D825
46  Lawsons Haynes Renown C819
47  Lawsons Regis D953
48  Lawsons Tour of Duty D919
49  Lawsons Tour of DUTYD920
50  Lawsons DD Ten Speed D73
51  Lawsons DD Ten Speed D79
52  Lawsons DD Ten Speed D70
53  Lawsons Regis D933
54  Lawsons DD Renown D896
55  Lawsons DD Renown D897
56  Lawsons DD Renown D898
57  Lawsons Venture D917
58  Lawsons Renown C814
59  Lawsons Renown D899
60  Lawsons Regis D932
61  Lawsons Regis D937
62  Paytons Speedway C777
63  Lawsons Resistol D820
64  Lawsons Shooter D905
65  Lawsons Investment D878
66  Lawsons First Choice D822