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The goal of Proven Sires Services is to help eliminate the guesswork in breeding cattle. Proven Sires is a company created to retrieve the most accurate performance and carcass data, timely, on great herd sires backed with proven pedigrees for the producers use.

Over the years the PSS program has made great strides in the improvement of proving Angus carcass data on the bulls initiated into the program. That goal is still an important data tool used by the PSS program and our customers.

PSS herd sires give you more accuracy in the traits you want to improve. The majority of our customers have been commercial producers trying to improve their herds’ carcass production. However, the beef industry is improving on the numbers game in all phases of production, from conception to consumption. The PSS program is here to help, by using PSS sires and increasing the accuracy of performance, carcass, ultrasound and profit.

Take a strong look at the PSS sires throughout our Web site. We do numerous synch projects and ship semen daily. If we can be of assistance in any of these two areas, don’t hesitate to call us with any of your breeding needs.

Proven Sires Services…What We Do

  • Provide Quality Semen on our Performance/Carcass tested Herd Sires
  • Artificially Inseminate cows/heifers (all breeds)
  • Synchronization Programs to fit each individual herd (will work with your local veterinarian)
  • Herd Consulting & Nutrition
  • Marketing…The #1 reason why PSS will work for you — PROFIT

Placing a Semen Order

  1. Call PSS at 758-432-1107 or e-mail proven@ruraltel.net
  2. Have the Sire Name and Registration Number handy.
  3. Allow ample time for semen shipment.

Volume Discounts/Commercial Pricing

Call 785-432-1107 to get your special pricing exclusively from Proven Sires!


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