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April 2017

An Ounce of Prevention
Testing is a cost-effective solution to an industry-wide BVD problem.

A Quick & Quiet Killer
New emerging pathogen can cause havoc in cow herds.

Fetal Programming & Protein
Researchers evaluate cow and calf performance when a protein restriction occurs during pregnancy.

Unseen Costs
Take the right track with internal parasites.

Clostridial Infections in Calves
Intestinal spores only prevented by vaccination.

Backgrounding Calves
Experts offer tips for handling calves from the time they are weaned until they go on a finishing diet.

Reducing the Need
Good biosecurity, vaccination and nutrition are imperative to keeping cattle healthy with limited use of antibiotics.

New Political Realities
Conservative talk show host Dana Perino offers insight into working with the new presidential administration.

Anticipating the 2018 Farm Bill
“I don’t need to tell any of you it’s a really interesting time to be living and working in Washington, D.C., right now,” said Bart Fischer as he addressed attendees Feb. 3 at the 2017 Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show in Nashville, Tenn.

New Opportunities, New Challenges
D.C. team outlines goals and expectations for new administration.

Emerging Health Issues Considered
Working Group considers use of chlortetracycline under the new VFD rules, economic costs of a potential FMD outbreak and calfhood pneumonia.

Cattlemen’s College Opens Cattle Industry Convention
Educational program focuses on ways to improve profitability, productivity and sustainability.

Why Treat The Cow?
Parasites can draw down cows in body condition and affect immunity and reproductive performance.

Value of Vaccinations
Earlier vaccination on the ranch pays dividends down the line.

Managing Genetic Risk to Improve Fertility
Reproduction has been called the single most important economic trait in beef cattle production.

DNA Profile Adds Accuracy to Prediction
With the availability of more dependable genetic information for a broader range of traits, cow-calf producers have the tools to make more informed selection decisions that influence cattle productivity and profit. …

Priming Calf Performance
At an early morning Cattlemen’s College session in Nashville, Victor Cortese took attendance by asking cow-calf producers to raise their hands.

Select Healthier Genetics
“Genomics allow us to look ‘under the hood’ of an animal so to speak,” said Alison Van Eenennaam with University of California–Davis as she addressed Cattlemen’s College attendees in Nashville.

The Future of Cattle Feeding
What does the future hold for the cattlefeeding segment of the beef industry? Where and how will cattle be fed? How will they be marketed? What challenges lie ahead for cattle feeders?

Capturing Value Of Genetics, Management
Two cow-calf producers shared their perspectives on “capturing value” for calves during a Cattlemen’s College session at the 2017 Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville.

Satisfying Hunger for Food Verification
“Growing up as a child, I always wanted to be a farmer,” said Jake Carter, president of Southern Belle Farm in McDonough, Ga.

Adding Value Through Education
“Growing up as a child, I always wanted to be a farmer,” said Jake Carter, president of Southern Belle Farm in McDonough, Ga.

Manage Soil Health on Pasture and Range
It only make sense: For an industry, individual business or any human endeavor to be sustainable, it must be environmentally responsible, socially acceptable and environmentally sound.

Manage Grazing for Sustainability
What is effective grazing management? According to University of California–Davis Extension Range Management Specialist Kenneth Tate, grazing management should satisfy nutrient requirements of grazing animals.

Grass to Cash
“Primarily, what we’re in the business of doing is turning grass into cash,” Dennis Hancock, associate professor and state forage extension specialist for the University of Georgia, told Cattlemen’s College attendees in Nashville, Tenn.

Know Your Requirements
If you don’t first address the energy and protein requirements of your cattle, minerals aren’t going to matter, Beth Kegley, professor of animal science at the University of Arkansas, told her audience at the Cattle Industry Conference Feb. 1.

Beef Exports Gaining Momentum
??The United States is in a uniquely favorable position to build on recently strong beef export sales, according to Dan Halstrom with the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) and Kent Bacus of NCBA.

25 Years of NBQA
“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

Training for a Taste Test
To passersby, it looked like people in a meeting room were taking shots of beef broth and pineapple juice.

Big Leagues, Extra Innings
Colorado Angus rancher learns to win in a new ballgame.

Meat Magic
CAB’s Phil Bass delivers high-energy sessions at NCBA’s Learning Lounge.

Standing Out from the Crowd
Louisiana native and Kansas cattlewoman does it all — and earns herself a prestigious title.

Stuck in the Middle
It takes more than an estate plan to compensate the Sandwich Generation.

What Can a ‘Sandwicher’ Do?
Many options exist to aid in transitioning ownership of a farm or ranch from one generation to the next.

Steps To Succession
There are a series of steps to consider before ownership transition.

The 2017 Beef Bulge
Strong exports may limit price weakness.

Marketeers Honored
Livestock Marketeers induct three into Hall of Fame.